Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Natalie (Stranger #22/100), London Soho

Via Flickr:
This weekend seems like it's going to stand as the start of spring in the UK. I spent it shooting with bomvu. Part one was a great model shoot that Colin organised with the fantastically talented Saffron - photos to follow. Part two's Strangers session was less successful; I think at one point we were 6-0 in terms of rejections...

It was late on with the sun dipping behind rooftops that Natalie and Andy put an end to that ghastly losing streak.

They're a fantastic couple, with tonnes of good humour and stage presence. Andy was visiting Natalie, down from Scotland for the weekend.

Andy's holding the reflector in this one, with fill from an on camera softbox. In the comments there's a close up with the flash dialled down. Things were pretty rushed; by the time we'd met the shadows were visibly closing across the street. With no background at hand and two foot beam of sunlight I figured a powerful backlight was a neat way of catching the summery vibe to the evening.

This is portrait #22 of my 100 Strangers Project - check out the group page and get involved.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Onai (Stranger #21/100), Venezia Arsenale

Via Flickr:
Onai and Helen were wandering through the Arsenale when I stopped them for a shot. At the start of my project I was always concerned with asking couples, but it's quickly become my preference. People understandably seem more comfortable interacting when they have some backup, and an extra pair of hands is much appreciated when you're juggling reflectors and so forth.

Helen's helping out on this one with a gold/silver reflector to bring some extra light into this tight shaded corner of worn brick.

Tempting as it was to shoot Onai with shades deployed, I prefer the connection without them. In this case, shifting then back allowed for a reflected Arsenale tower to come into shot. Onai noted this appropriate, as he's (also) an Arsenal supporter. As we chatted he referred to the new ground correctly as The Grove, adding further evidence of his quality of character.

Onai and Helen - Thanks for stopping guys and for following up by email. Glad you like the shot!

This is portrait #21 of my 100 Strangers Project - check out the group page and get involved.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tristan (Stranger #20/100), Venezia Rialto

Via Flickr:
Tristan RĂ  is a French painter currently working in Venice ahead of a December exhibition in Zurich. I'd hugely encourage everyone to check out Tristan's work here.

Tristan - thanks for your time, thoughtful conversation and email. Really looking forward to seeing how your Venice project evolves.

He let me interrupt his work on the Rialto bridge, where he was painting "small" 4'x4' canvases which he'll take back to his studio to transform into vast final versions over the rest of the year.

We chatted in an enjoyably juggled mix of English, French and Italian over fifteen minutes, noting the vast assortment of tools we both used in pursuit of our respective art forms (reflector, softbox, etc. vs. oils, thinners, brushes, etc.).

Having taken a few quick shots whilst he worked, and not wishing to intrude too far with the light changing, I suggested a final shot with eye contact. Tristan rounded on the camera with storm-front level intensity and a twinkle of a smile. He noted with a wry smile the abstract feel graffiti behind him and that he felt it appropriate, and then we were done.

In terms of any image, it's easy to dream up extra kit that would have been nice to have. This is one, however, where I feel the need for a second flash goes a little further. The reflector and on camera softbox give a neat fill, but I'd love to have shot a rim light between Tristan and the backdrop to give a little more drama to the separation.

This is portrait #20 of my 100 Strangers Project - check out the group page and get involved.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend. I've been off Flickr for the last week and a bit, so am looking forward to catching up.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rain Shadow (Blea Tarn Rain Clouds), Lake District

Via Flickr:
A quick posting as I try to keep on top of a New Year's resolution to upload more the shots I'd normally let slip into archive. This one's deeply imperfect, but the rain drops splashed across the front element kind of capture the grim weather I enjoyed that afternoon.

I went for a slightly heavier black and white processing than normal, so any thoughts on that would be appreciated! Too much?

Slowly catching up - hope everyone is well.