Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fino A Domani, Venice

Fino A Domani, Venice, originally uploaded by flatworldsedge.

If you are feeling indulgent, please do view on black by hitting "L"! Definitely better in this case.

One more from our first night in Venice, back in October. Heavy rain and low light, combined with the wayward AF of the Canon 50mm f/1.8. This was shot on my old 300D, which kind of lost the plot around ISO 800. At the time, with rain, spray and mist coating the camera and lens, both plastic, neither waterproof, and with soaking wet feet, I viewed the whole evening pretty much as a write off. In fact. they're some of my favourite images from the holiday (previous posting linked in the comments).

As regards the name, I'm hoping the Flickr community can help by sourcing someone who speaks Japanese and Italian better than I. I wanted to call this one 明日があるさ, but this seemed the linguistic equivalent of mixed metaphors.

When I lived in Hiroshima I was told 明日があるさ (ashita ga aru sa) was an ancient expression meantime, "there's always tomorrow". In hunting down the script for this, I find it's the name of a semi-comical pop song. If any one could tell me whether my Japanese friends were having fun with me, or whether the expression came before the song, I would be extremely grateful and interested to know.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Under My Umbrella, Broadgate Circus

Thanks to Chris Brogan for featuring this image on his excellent blog alongside some great thoughts.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Turbo Charged, Brighton Pier

One from the weekend and first sign of spring. Shot into the sun at 1/5000, it was practically mono SOOC, but I did the conversion to deal with some flare. Otherwise pretty much untouched. I even left the lens distortion/vignette uncorrected.

Not been on much this week, as I am painting a nursery ahead of expected arrival. It's all mountainscapes, jungle, savannah, ice bergs and other such extravagances. Cut out animals can then be placed amidst the various ecosystems. Will post a pic once it is done.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the run in to the weekend.

See Turbo Charged, Brighton Pier on Flickr for additional notes and comments.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Future Is Orange, North Korean Border [Film Scan]

Another one from my APS film archive, now scanned. I just see I forgot to correct the date in the EXIF - this one dates from spring 2001, about two thirds of the way through I year I spent teaching in Harbin, China.

We had a few days holiday, I think in April, and headed across to the North Korean border in the belief there was a Chinese train route that took you, in sealed carriages, through North Korea and back into China. If there was, the chaps at the station weren't for selling us tickets on it. Instead, we did manage to cross for 5 minutes at a bridge just down and right of this shot. They was a large arch with telescopes for peering across at the town across the river - steam trains, paintings of the Il Sung family, etc. Very interesting and 20RMB well spent.

The sky in this scan was severely degraded, so I added a +1 stop GND to better blend it, hence the overexposed effect. Maybe I've overdone it. It looks best when the image is viewed on black, even if the quality doesn't quite carry. Oh for 21MP back then! But there we go!

Lots of plastic bags in the dry grass - sadly a feature of Northern China.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

See The Future Is Orange, North Korean Border [Film Scan] on Flickr for additional notes and comments.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Rendevouz, Bologna

Rendevouz, Bologna, originally uploaded by flatworldsedge.

Just chanced upon this one the other day, a candid from Bologna back in September. I'd had it in colour for the traditional Italian stone and a deep blue sky, but it seemed a little ordinary. In the potentially mistaken, but increasing, belief that all candids look better in black and white I did the conversion and think I like it.

I confess to being one of the sly street photographers who, rather than facing people down like an impromptu one man shooting squad, conceals his intent by pretending to photograph some thing like the fountain to the left of this frame.

Still catching up - some awesome shots posted by everyone since I was last granted access by my wretched, soon to be changed broadband supplier. Hope you're all having a great end to the week and looking forward to some good days to come.

See Rendevouz, Bologna on Flickr for additional notes and comments.

Black & White Version of Stepwise Regression (Great Court British Museum), London

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stepwise Regression (Great Court at British Museum), London

So, after a month without home broadband - courtesy of O2 and their disastrous customer service - I am delighted to be back online and posting. Just a quick shot taken at closing time in the Great Court of the British Museum here in London.

I hope everyone is well and look forward to catching up with you all individually. All the best to friends in Japan - おめでとう.

See Stepwise Regression (Great Court at British Museum), London on Flick.