Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Future Is Orange, North Korean Border [Film Scan]

Another one from my APS film archive, now scanned. I just see I forgot to correct the date in the EXIF - this one dates from spring 2001, about two thirds of the way through I year I spent teaching in Harbin, China.

We had a few days holiday, I think in April, and headed across to the North Korean border in the belief there was a Chinese train route that took you, in sealed carriages, through North Korea and back into China. If there was, the chaps at the station weren't for selling us tickets on it. Instead, we did manage to cross for 5 minutes at a bridge just down and right of this shot. They was a large arch with telescopes for peering across at the town across the river - steam trains, paintings of the Il Sung family, etc. Very interesting and 20RMB well spent.

The sky in this scan was severely degraded, so I added a +1 stop GND to better blend it, hence the overexposed effect. Maybe I've overdone it. It looks best when the image is viewed on black, even if the quality doesn't quite carry. Oh for 21MP back then! But there we go!

Lots of plastic bags in the dry grass - sadly a feature of Northern China.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

See The Future Is Orange, North Korean Border [Film Scan] on Flickr for additional notes and comments.