Friday, 29 October 2010

Man Or Mouse (Carnival Masks), Venice

This is taken in the wonderful Ca' del Sol mask makers in Venice. It's an incredible shop, with wonderful photographer friendly owners. I'd recommend a visit to anyone and everyone, especially if you want to take pictures.

I particularly like the mouse/rat masks. Though this wasn't my favourite of those (to follow), the spread of masks on the wall behind was the most impressive when bokehed.

I think this one only really comes to life viewed in lightbox/large on black. I've gone for a slightly brighter feel than my usual, and the black sets it off much more effectively than the white, imho.

I've had a few notes about the airfare I mentioned a few posts ago - Venice direct is usually an expensive option even on Ryanair (or your chosen equivalent, other low-cost airlines are available!). I suggest flying to somewhere along the main rail route to Milan; Bergamo or Brescia are good options. From these you can take the train across very cheaply and easily; and it's rather fun traveling by train in itself.

See Man or Mouse (Carnival Masks), Venice on Flickr.