Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Highlands Trail (Creag A' Mhaim), Glen Shiel

Two versions of a shot from the side of the road with the full moon lighting up the ridge bookended by Creag a' Mhaim. My preferred above is a 79 second exposure of three passing cars, though the shorter version (below) is a little moodier.

The peaks are front lit by the full moon, with the car headlights lighting the grass and chevrons. There's a line down the side of the mountain (see note) which appears to have been created across the valley by the headlights. If anyone knows whether that's possible or if there's a strange fold in the slope, I'd be interested.

Looks great on black in lightbox - if you can tolerate the grain, of which there is plenty!

See Highlands Trail (Creag A' Mhaim), Glen Shiel on Flickr.