Monday, 3 January 2011

Thawing Hoar Frost, Hoohill

Got my knees wet (and cold) taking this one! It's from Christmas day, a few minutes after Backlight (Winter Brambles). The light wasn't quite so dramatic as in that image, but low down the colour was still getting picked up in the wet grass and what was left of the hoar frost.

Same 24mm minimum lens as I used to whinge about on my older 1.6x crop body. The difference moving to full frame is incredible - it's really come into its own.

Happy New Year to all. Many thanks to everyone kind enough to take the time to look at, fav and comment upon Meltwater which was lucky enough to make Explore's Front Page to my immense delight!

See Thawing Hoar Frost, Hoohill with additional notes on Flickr.