Monday, 29 August 2011

Diptych, Polesden Lacy

Diptych, Polesden Lacy, originally uploaded by flatworldsedge.

Two shots from a weekend meeting with my parents, featuring our daughter JSH. Not my usual subject matter, but I was shooting them for the "family record" and liked the way these two worked together. The tables at the National Trust cafe here are great for the 70-200 - the radius is exactly the minimum focus distance, for nice sharp subjects and decent bokeh.

Another infrequent posting I'm afriad, and apologies for my slow reactions of late. The creature above is one reason, as is a busy workload preparing for a short holiday. Thanks for everyone's continued patience. I'm looking forward to carving out a bit more time come September. Meanwhile, I do hope you're all well and enjoying life.