Thursday, 15 September 2011

Star Board (Boats at Harbour), Göcek

Another shot from the recent holiday in Turkey. One for lightbox, really, if you want to bring out some interesting distant light trails as the taller yachts come into harbour. Göcek is a super place for long exposure shots of an evening, as it is full of boards, posts, walls and other improvised tripods. This was taken on just such a wall.

Much of Göcek is given over to yachts (in the discreetly named "Mega Yacht Super Marina"), but in middle of everything this quirkly little plank pier still stands to moor small local craft. Ten minutes after the last boat trip gets back in you see a little swarm of pancake, ice cream and similar vessels all dock here - having spent the day pursuing the tourist fleet like seagulls (with an inverted business model).

My favourite part of the image is the funny underwater sail suggested by the reflected lights to the left. Hope everyone's having a great week!