Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rule Of Thirds (Jessica With Roniflex), Rickmansworth

Via Flickr:
Quick friends/family post to note Jessica's second birthday. Two years (and a few days) since this. The Roniflex is an inherited item from my Great Uncle, which she's taken to. Just trying to teach her to look through the viewfinder and wind on. Then we might look at investing in some Velvia 50. Small steps...

Things have been a more than a little busy recently, so and with only enough time for one and a half of shooting/processing/posting, I've been trying to at least do the first two. Some new stranger portraits, model shots, long exposures and landscapes from Zion NP all waiting to be tweaked and shared. I'm just waiting for a window to catch up properly on my contacts' work before jumping in - as I'd like to be up to date with that first.

Hope everyone is fantastically well and enjoying the start of summer.