Sunday, 6 February 2011

Extinction #2 (Jurassic Coast), Dorset [Sliders Sunday Debut]

So yesterday's posting was something of a technical fail. In updating the photo's sets on my iPhone, I somehow managed to disenable comments and then, when trying to re-enable comments later, managed to reset the favourites. Oh, and then Arsenal became the first team in Premiership history to throw away a 4-0 lead. So that was fun!

Therefore, whilst I didn't really mean to post today, I thought I would put one up by way of apology for any inconvenience caused by yesterday's error and for the Sliders Sunday group, which I see in my contacts 'streams and always admire.

This is my Sunday Sliders debut! One from the Extinction series. There's no texture used. Rather, for all my long exposures I shoot first at max ISO (in this case ISO 25,600!) to check my settings, then do all the doublings as I stop the ISO down to eithe 50 or 100 for the main shot. The high ISO creates significant grain, needless to say. For this one I then did some work in Photoshop to get the full throttle cross processed colour set. I tried it on the "proper" shots in the series, but without the grain the crazy turquoise and orange blur just weren't "sticking".

The "high quality" posting with original colour is posted in the comments for anyone wanting make a comparison.

So apologies again about the comment issue on yesterday's posting - hopefully you are all having a better weekend than me! HSS!

See Extinction #2 (Jurassic Coast), Dorset [Sliders Sunday Debut] on Flickr for additional notes and comments.