Saturday, 5 February 2011

Infusion (Bury Lake Fog), Rickmansworth

A slightly older shot, taken back in December on the same night as Light Harted, which immediately demanded first post and threw this one into shadow until a clean up exercise last night. Nothing new here, I suppose, but I can't get over the amazing effect of sodium streetlighting through fog.

This is the same boathouse on Bury Lake shown in two very different images which I've linked into the comments for comparison. In this instance I can't get over the idea it looks like a mining base on mars, especially with all the littered "spoil" across the foreground (this was shot back when we had ice).

Hope everyone is having a great week. I think I've kept my head mostly above water this week, but know there's a couple of people I'm still to catch up with which I will be doing this afternoon.

See Infusion (Bury Lake Fog), Rickmansworth
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