Sunday, 19 June 2011

All Time Flickr Favs

The Happy Man & The Black LiquidMírala......ahi estáwaterfall of the godsI want to be where the Sun warms the skyRed Bull Air Race Rio (3)The girl from Ipanema
drops of springEye to eyeSteph165203Tilt-shift ─ Jhongjhu PortLaw hill view  II
Pinnacle Rock #3 - Point Lobos, Californiait happenedCoincidentlyMoulton Barn Grand Tetons B&WLife is an uphill struggle (7)

All Time Favs, a gallery on Flickr.

Just a quick record of some of the incredible shots we chance upon that go beyond "fav" into a realm of brilliance beyond. #18 purposefully blank for endless shortlist candidates!

All the reasons, notes, full size images and links to the incredible artists behind them all on Flickr.