Saturday, 18 June 2011

White Tiger Exploring Grassland (Cat Fur Macro)

Quick series of abstract macro shots of our cat (Stonewall Jackson) 's fur. It's lit with a single tungsten bulb above, and angled CREE LED flashlight as backlight. When I saw the main image in the viewfinder and it looked like a big white cat surging through dark grasslands towards a sunset - a cat scene hiding within Jack's backlit fur. I'm not normally one for abstracts, but thought it was worth posting.

This week has been outrageously busy, and I'm poignantly aware of how far behind I am with things - today I'm catching up! Thanks for your patience!

Also thanks to the fantastic einarsoyland; a master of odd lenses and cost saving wizardry. He suggest trying extension tubes with my 50mm before investing in a macro lens. I got these ones for just £4.70 on eBay and they work a treat.