Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Light Infantry (Chinese Soldier Light Stencil - All In Camera), Oxford

Via Flickr:
All in camera - single exposure. Please see "Let's Glow More Sunflowers!" for images of the kit used.

This is the third in a series of light stenciled propaganda posters I'm attempting with the much appreciated help of the Hooded Accomplice. Unlike the last two, this one is from the People's Republic of China, rather than the DPRK. It's also the first without slogan or text; at first I felt that would be a negative, and yet I rather like the more environmental result. If the Red Army ever do stalk into Oxford in the small hours of the morning, I've no doubt that this is what the assorted owls, foxes and windblown leaves will see.

Thankfully, should such a nocturnal invasion unfold - Oxford can rely upon the vigilance more than owls and foxes in mounting a defy. Enter the chap from the house twenty foot out of shot, who took it upon himself to "assist" on this shoot. Some notes for him:

i) Taking pictures at night is not "strange".
ii) Thank you for giving us your permission to continue with legal activities in a public space.
iii) No we couldn't have just "come back and got the photos in the daylight".
iv) The thing you called a "flash" is an LED strip.
v) It's not bright if you don't make a habit of staring directly at it.
vi) Staring directly at it takes significant effort and you'd be better saving that effort.
vii) Would be burglars don't generally start their night's crime equipped with a 4kg Manfrotto pro tripod or 4 foot square home-made softbox.

Glad I got that off my chest. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!