Saturday, 27 October 2012

Witching Hour (Golden Gate Bridge), SanFrancisco

Via Flickr:
This one's perhaps a little cliché... but there are some weird people up at this spot around midnight, and I endured them to get this shot. So I felt I ought to post it regardless. Getting up here late on was a pretty tense experience, with an empty, wind raked car park and a few hooded loners lurking, rocking on benches. There's an expression "do something that scares you everyday"; I think getting this shot sorted me out for a week or so minimum.

Afterwards, I made my way down to the pier at the foot of the slope. Again, I almost didn't make the extra effort in the dark, but, just as I was about to turn the key in the ignition, I saw some odd flashes in the darkness. A couple of bursts of light, then a searching beam scrambling around to describe a huge, twisted pattern. Light painting... ? Yes, a group of fellow photographers - a welcome sight, a couple of minutes chat and confirmation it was safe enough to stay out a little longer.

The top of the fort and a flagpole were cloned out in PP as they distracted a little, out that's why the foreground shadow probably looks a little odd.

Sorry to have been a little absence in the wake of the pig posting - yesterday I got some good news, a promotion at work, and the final stage of organising then celebrating that took me away from my catch up. I'm around this evening and very much looking forward to seeing everyone's photos.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!