Sunday, 20 January 2013

Doug (Stranger #4/100), Mill End

Via Flickr:
Please see alternative B&W version in comments below.

I met Doug out in the snow today, walking his two fantastic dogs along the edge of a smothered wheat field. He very kindly agreed to become stranger #4 in my 100 Strangers project.

I'd set up along the edge of a winter wheat field, blanketed with snow right up to a distant tree line that offered a blurred delineation between snow and sky.

When I interrupted Doug's walk, I'd have understood if his dogs or the cold had necessitated a "no", but he generously agreed to stop and chat a moment.

We discussed the light - clouds diffusing and snow reflecting, and the potential of the spot. Doug offered some superb anecdotes and thoughts of film days, and the benefits/flaws of digital photography. Likely we spoke for some fifteen minutes in all. Having recently received my Moo cards, Doug became the lucky first recipient of web address and email.

We shot a couple of series of shots, with Doug surveying the gun metal clouds of snow now scrolling in from the north west. Then, as we chatted further, I fired off a few more to demonstrate the 5D MKiii's "silent" mode. It's one of that series I post.

I'm not sure it is the strongest of the session, but it communicated a certain elemental calm that Doug possessed.

Across the 100 Strangers, I'm hoping to achieve a consistent feel; currently imagined as same lens (100mm L Macro), same aperture (3.2), same distance to subject, all high key, all colour and all with eye contact.

Doug - thank you for agreeing to stop, chat and photograph today. I enjoyed out conversation immensely, and very much hope you enjoy exploring the 100 Strangers project if you do find a moment to follow up. Just let me know if you'd like any of the other images emailed, and I will get it sorted instantly.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!