Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking Forward (Jessica At Leeds Castle), Kent

Via Flickr:
Happy New Year everyone; I hope you're fantastically we'll and enjoying a bright start to 2013!

After a few experiment and long exposure postings, I'm starting the New Year with a resolution to pay more of the "normal" things too. One of the main explanations I offer when asked who shoot odd things is that it makes you better shooting everything else. Who knows if it's true.

Anyway, this is JSH guarding a tunnel at Leeds Castle playground. She posted herself up there and let no one through for twenty minutes. It's shot with my 100mm L macro lens, which I'd hugely recommend for portraiture.

One note - I had cropped this (see note above) on my iPad, and saved. Uploading with the (otherwise excellent) new Flickr app, however, it has ignored my saved crop and instead uploaded the original!

Have an amazing week!