Sunday, 31 March 2013

Walking On Water (Peverill Point Long Exposure), Swanage

Via Flickr:
I've still got a couple more strangers shots to post from Venice, but thought I'd mix things up a little. The project is already overwhelming my Photostream!

Here's a quick long exposure from last night, out on Peverill Point in Dorset. I used a flashlight/torch to paint in the seaweed and spray - it could certainly be more even, but I only got one go before the sea reclaimed my vantage point.

The light from the left is a mix of blue hour and Bournemouth's light pollution. The shots that followed were a little too orange from sodium vapour lighting.

UPDATE: This is my second upload of this shot. The compression on uploading the first brought out a lot of banding, that was unapparent in the Lightroom version. I get a lot of issues uploading skies, and note contacts saying the same thing, so hope it's an issue the magic donkey is working on. I added 2% noise and a brush>splatter filter to the sky in an attempt to protect it this time round. It looks fine on iPad, but if I lower my head on the desktop monitor it still looks a little harsh. Commentary on this front would be hugely appreciated.

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!