Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Birnam Wood Is Come To Dunsinane (Twilight Silhouette Firs), Logarska Dolina

This is my first posting in a little while thanks to two weeks holiday in Slovenia.

It makes first post on account of its needing practically no processing! Tempting as it would have been to swing the WB and supercharge the saturation, I preferred the slightly understated SOOC look. Just a little cleaning of CA, etc.

It's a view looking north towards Matkov Kot from the entrance to Slovenia's Logarska Dolina valley. If anything it was an afterthought - I was shooting mostly to the left of this frame, for a few minutes at a time and got to thinking these silhouetted fir trees were worth a simple 2D take themselves.

Hope you like it!

I've got heaps to post - 1,797 shots from the Slovenia trip, 4 model shoots to finish processing and then still shots from Venice, NYC and Utah earlier in the year. Look forward to getting them up over the next few weeks.

And also to catching up with what everyone else has been shooting!