Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nonlinear (Emma J Black reading "Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos" by Steven H. Strogatz), Southbank Skatepark London

This is the second posting from an "alt maths" shoot at the Southbank's skatepark. Emma J Black reading "Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos" by Steven H. Strogatz.

By way of brief, imprecise answer to interested questions as to the "why" behind the project, it was nominally inspired by "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", and Lisbeth Salander's obsession with Fermat. I thought I'd pick the theme up as a project whilst I learn lighting for some wilder future ideas for which I will need to up my strobe game considerably.

There are also some learnings around DOF/focus. I'm a fan of shallow DOF, yet getting clean focus on the book's details is an interesting challenge. Certainly a good project for moving one's understanding up a level.

This book's quite a read actually. There's a neat section describing Romeo and Juliet's relationship in terms of mathematics. One of those reads where it all starts so sensibly, so clearly, so understandably, and then, on a point, explodes into blinding complexity like a firework in a microwave.

There's a second shot in the comments. With the new design of Flickr, I'm posting the back up images separately, as they quickly get buried in the comments and then hidden.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying an exciting/productive week.