Monday, 29 July 2013

Weapons Grade (Koochie Koo Witch Shoot), Shrub Hill

Although this was just one of the test "calibration" shots as we dialed in the flash settings, it's one of my favourite images from a shoot with the awesome Koochie Koo.

She's another super model met through Purpleport, and I'd recommend a quick check of her portfolio there. High quality shots, with a charismatic sense of humour throughout.

For anyone based in the UK, I'd recommend the whole site in general. It's like a Model Mayhem that actually works!

I've also posted a black and white version in my portfolio there for anyone that's interested - I quite like the new Flickr, but the way it hides the first comments is a nuisance when you're sharing alternative versions, hence putting this one off site - here.

Our shoot was looking to mix long exposure light painting with model work to get some "witch" themed images, with spells and magic being worked. After an hours warm up, however, something snapped in the sky and it blasted down with rain. Pretty much armageddon intensity. Leaving us re-booked for next week.

Info for Strobist:

2x Canon 600EX-RT - master on camera in Lastolite "Ezybox", at the same power as the slave in shoot through umbrella, 90 degrees to camera left, fired by built in RT. I'm afraid I lost the flash setting, but am pretty sure it was 1/32 power.