Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Evening Read (Backlit Summer Portrait), London

Via Flickr:
Quick first posting from a second Monday shooting with Raven-Lily and bomvu in St James Park.

Colin and Raven had an amazing backlit shot from the first session, so this was my attempt to plagiarise. As TS Eliot wrote, "Great poets steal".

I've left most of the flare in the shot, just removing a very dense set of rainbow circles floating to the left of Raven's face. Kind of cool, but distracting. The WB in this version is as shot - even though it was fun shifting it to the outrageously warm and seeing the image dissolve into a golden haze, I thought this slightly subtler presentation was ultimately the more intriguing.

Thanks to Raven and Colin for another great session shooting together.

Info for strobist:

2x Canon 600EX-RT fired by ST-E3-RT. the first is at 1/16 under a white shoot through umbrella on the grass, 45 degrees to camera left and 1.5m from model. The second is resting on a book, 90 degrees to camera left, 5m from Raven at 1/32 power. A 1.2m silver reflector behind her is bringing in a little extra light from a patch of sun another 4m to camera right.

Hope everyone is having an ace week so far.