Thursday, 18 July 2013

Going To The Snow (Going To The Sun With Snow Action), Glacier National Park Montana

Via Flickr:
A few weeks back I tweeted about an amazing looking free "instant snow" action shared on Gavin Hoey on his fantastic website. It's an ace site well worth checking out for resources and advice.

Since then I've been playing about Photoshop actions, and thought I'd share one of the more pleasing results. It's very largely down to Gavin's snow action.

It's pleasing though, as it comes from an after thought holiday snap fire off as we got in the car to drive up the "Going to the sun" road on a miserable, rainy day. The colour original was woeful, yet it made a neat black and white shot a couple of years ago. This version kind of updates it to fuller potential. Shooting nowadays feels like it is as much about catching "source material" as it is about getting great results in camera.

Whilst we strive for the latter, missing out on the former leaves some great images on the figurative table.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week and surviving the heat (if in the UK).