Thursday, 4 July 2013

Raven Light (Raven-Lily B&W), London

Via Flickr:
First posting from a fantastic early evening shoot with Raven-Lily and bomvu on Monday night.

Colour versions in the comments.

Raven jumped in last minute to cover a cancelled shoot, and we had great fun meandering up from Victoria to Piccadilly, juggling stands, umbrellas and all sorts of esoteric paraphernalia which I'm amazed didn't see us packed off on a one way trip to some sub-contracted Bulgarian detention centre in the name of "prevention of terrorism". London's army of self appointed Jack Bauers deserve a measure of kudos; we shot through Westminster and by the Palace without harassment. A refreshing data point that hopefully pulls the whole curve nearer something that resembles a confident, functioning democracy.

Raven's key objective for the evening was to get some clean headshots for her portfolio, so this early effort focused on this. There's a nice headshot crop in the comments. I'm not sure this one is ideal for the brief; that splash of silver light across her shoulder is maybe just a little hot and distracting. I kind of like it though, that shimmering smooth gradient glamour is just too perfect for me to care too much about the fact it's brighter than the light in her face. Though it is...

Per my reference on Purpleport (see above link to Raven's portfolio there), Raven's a terrific person to work with. Striking, enthusiastic, patient and flexible; she's awesome to work with. Colin, Raven and I are all looking forward to part 2 of the shoot next Monday. Other postings from the first session to come into my Photostream as work allows,

Now catching up with everyone - hope you're all superbly well and enjoying a productive, exciting week.