Sunday, 28 July 2013

Eidetic (Emma J Black Reading "Light Scattering By Small Particles"), Southbank Skatepark London

Via Flickr:
This is the first posting in a series I'm shooting with maths textbooks - in this case "Light scatting by small particles" by Hendrik Christoffel "Henk" van de Hulst ForMemRS.

It's shot at the Southbank's incredible skatepark - a London icon currently under threat of redevelopment. If you're equally horrified at the thought that an inspired piece of urban reclamation is going to be bulldozed for yet another tessellated row of veneer-tabled coffee shops, please sign the petition against its destruction here.

The model is Emma J Black, met through Purpleport. If you have a second, her portfolio is pretty intense, and worth checking out here (NSFW). She's fantastic to work with, and more pictures from our shoot will be coming shortly.

There's a more professional crop of this image - rotated a little, cutting out some of the distractions like the dayglo green paint splash to the left - but it simply isn't as charismatic. Likewise, the crazy colour cast on Emma's arm is left in.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying a fantastic weekend.