Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shooting The Rapids (Matkov Kot Jezero Stream), Savinjska

Via Flickr:
More from Slovenia's Savinjska region, this is shot in Matkov Kot; the neighbouring valley to Logarska Dolina. It has the feel of a fortuitous wrong turn, rather than a destination in itself. This is the oddly named Jezero stream - "jezero" meaning "lake" - by which we enjoyed a picnic.

I'm a little addicted to shooting at water level currently, and this one is shot with the camera bobbing on the top of the bubbles, spattered with spray from the rapids. I probably shot another twenty images of this view having seen this first sighting shot; all better composed, focused, etc. but none that replicated that same feeling of being immersed, and none with quite the same golden light to catch the flying droplets. The sun moves pretty quickly when it's filtered through so dense a canopy of trees.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!