Thursday, 19 September 2013

White Grapes, Dalaman

White Grapes, Dalaman by flatworldsedge
White Grapes, Dalaman, a photo by flatworldsedge on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Another older shot that I very much like, but have never managed to post.

There's a particular brown stalk I kept intending to clone out, but it's proved a more challenging job than I'd hoped. So it remains. Another reminder that one should get things as right as possible in camera, even if it means getting looked at sideways at the market.

There's still some Photoshop at work here - this is a composite of three shots; one for the grapes in focus, then one for each zone of newspaper text.

I can't explain what appeals - the contrasting tones of the grapes and the plastic, the angular curl of the newspaper, the simultaneous feel of decay and yet juiciness. It just seems to work... to my eye. Except for that wretched brown stalk.

Hope everyone is having a great week - thanks for everyone that checked out my light painting and helped it into Explore!