Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Witchcraft (Katherine Velours Witch With Lightpainting), Shrubhill Common

Via Flickr:
This is an experiment from my second shoot with Katherine Velours.

It's a mix of softbox lit portrait, with blue and red gelled flashlights used to lightpaint in the colours and the spell she's casting.

Unfortunately a second strobe in an umbrella camera left didn't fire on this frame - at once flattening the light on her face, but making for a darker more mysterious atmosphere.

There is some Photoshop here, but only to clean things up - chiefly the blue behind the tree which had badly clipped. There's a crop too. The starburst/fireball/magical energy/etc. is all in camera.

I'm hoping to do more of this hybrid work, mixing the lightpainting with model shoots. Certainly it's a lot harder than I thought, so thanks Katherine for all the patience as we worked things out!

Hope everyone is having a great week.