Saturday, 25 January 2014

Soho Noir, London

Soho Noir, London by flatworldsedge
Soho Noir, London, a photo by flatworldsedge on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The last couple of week I've faced the usual dilemma of being too busy to shoot, process and post. As ever, posting is the option I drop. Sorry that's left me behind the curve in terms of keeping up with friends and contacts here.

Catching up now!

This is one from a Thursday night shoot in Soho with the amazing *Vic*, organised through Purpleport. She's an super person and massively talented model.

We were going for a "neo noir" vibe, shooting with lots of gels in Soho alleys I'd scouted a couple of weeks before. Certainly it's not as edgy and mad as noir lighting maybe should be, but I'm taking small steps as I get used to strobe. I really liked the result so view it as a success. Hopefully you like it too, as there are more to come!

Info for Strobist:

Canon 600EX-RT @ 1/16 in Lastolite Ezybox just out of shot camera left (broadly 45* up and round), fired by RT from on camera Canon 600EX-RT (non-flashing - used instead of the ST-E3-RT to get focus assist in the deep shadows). Yonghuo YN-560ii gelled with Rogue "Oklahoma Yellow" camera left, 45* / 4m behind model at 1/32 power. Second YN-560ii gelled Rogue "Medium Blue Green" @ 1/2 power, at models feet, flagged with Rogue gel holding pouch (!), firing out of shot right to bounce back in from large gloss black garage door 4m off.