Friday, 24 December 2010

Dying Of The Light (Rossall Beach), Blackpool

Firstly, apologies that the last few days have seen me away from Flickr and thus unable to catch up with those kind enough to leave comments on my last posting. I'm afraid this posting is made by convulouted juggling of memory stick and the lack of meaningful internet access is to continue another few days yet.

This posting is a farewell to my trusty old EOS 300D. After some six years of hard and unerring service, he is tomorrow being put to pasture. I still have a few more shots to post taken on it, so the 300D will still appear in the EXIF now and again. My crop sensor 18-200mm Sigma will now be partnered with the 300D permanently and they'll come along to offer a broad range of focal lengths to minimise lost opportunities whilst my new kit is toting narrower focal length lenses. As for the new kit, imsha'Allah we shall survive the night, and I will then be the proud owner of a (second hand) 5D MKii.

Though I have only a few brief moments now, I very much look forward to a proper catch up once I'm back at home after Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful time with their families and a super couple of days' celebration.

See Dying Of The Light (Rossall Beach), Blackpool on Flickr.