Thursday, 30 December 2010

Elemental (Mill Stream & Fire), Loose Valley

Something of a post-Christmas experiment; running burning wrapping paper through a mill stream tunnel in a foil wrapped Christmas pudding tub. Just one tub, with me shuttle running it, reloading with paper and relighting for each run. The 1112 second exposure (f/8.0 ¦ ISO 250) allowed for numerous runs, though only four or five made it down the rapids without toppling and quelling themselves.

The experiment was enabled in no small part by my new Christmas wellingtons. A good hour or two in the water constantly and no leaks or chills.

By way of putting ecological minds at rest, I spent about thirty minutes clearing the stream of debris before setting up in the middle of the stream. I also built a small damn of branches to ensure none of the paper or the pudding bowl escaped. Running back and forth in utter darkness to collect the bowl, knowing I was within feet of an invisible camera on tripod surrounding by cold water and stone was somewhat tense.

The green areas were in darkness and so I painted them with LED torchlight for around thirty seconds at the start of the shot.

Hope everyone is enjoying an exciting run up to New Year - whether that is only a day or some weeks away for you. Have a good one!

See Elemental (Mill Stream & Fire), Loose Valley on Flickr for additional notes.