Friday, 10 December 2010

Field Of Dreams (Penalty Kick Light Painting), Rickmansworth

Following on from and I'm really enjoying exploring the possibilities of light painting.

For clarity, as with all my light paintings, every line in this shot is drawn in camera by torch or flashlight. There were lots of kind comments, messages and questions on this front last time round, and that's all there is to it!

However, by way of full disclosure this one is a two take painting - I've used the cross, ball, goalkeeper and striker's head and legs from one shot, then editted in the striker's torso and arms from a second take. I've also had to go over the lines to remove an unwanted blue tinge which came with a white balance edit across the whole frame, aimed at allowing the night sky to come through against severe urban light pollution.

It's a 248 second exposure at ISO 100 and f/13, which has mostly worked, though the bush behind the goal has over-exposed a little due to passing traffic.

Perhaps I oughtn't to say I don't really like this image, at least not as much as the other two (which I adore). The setting was a little tricky, with traffic going by in the background and dogs rushing about in the early evening. I shot early than usual to try to catch some blue in the sky, and hadn't realised how busy it can be! However, I had the concept in mind and wanted to keep the momentum to my light painting - and unless I'm doing them and posting them, I won't be getting better!

Hope you like it, and are all having a great end to the week.

See Field Of Dreams (Penalty Kick Light Painting), Rickmansworth on Flickr.