Sunday, 23 December 2012

10,000 Mistakes (19 Stop ND Venice Waterfront), Venice

Via Flickr:
"The difference between a Zen master and an apprentice is 10,000 mistakes".

Like most of my Sliders Sunday postings, this is pretty much straight out of camera. There's some significant "real world sliding", however, in this case, I'm shooting through stacked 9 and 10 stop ND filters. That 19 stop ND filter delivers just over a 500,000 times increase to shutter speeds!

Thus, this ten minute exposure was taken in light that without the filters would have wanted a 1/500 shutter speed.

I'm not sure I like the result, yet wanted to share what happens when you stack these filters. The most interesting features, to my mind, are the odd colour casts, and the fun light leaks. I think the two orange spikes in the lower corners are from lit getting in between little notches on the filter threads. The really cool light leak is far right - those fierce stripped vertical slashes. I've no idea what brought them into being, but I like them. They're not something I ever thought I'd get SOOC shooting digital - a real film feel.

The semi-invisible seagull along the water's edge; he was creeping up on us as we ate our lunch behind the camera.

Anyway, I hope people find the experiment interesting here, even if the shot is a little sub-par. Have a fantastic weekend! And HSS!