Friday, 7 February 2014

Electric Fence, Soho

Electric Fence, Soho by flatworldsedge
Electric Fence, Soho, a photo by flatworldsedge on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Test shot from the Soho shoot with Vicky. I'll post one of the final shots later, but thought this one might make a decent HFF posting in the meantime.

Info for Strobist:

Canon 600EX-RT at 1/128 power in Lastolite Ezybox, camera left, 2m from subject. Triggered with non-firing on camera Canon 600EX-RT used for focus assist. YN560ii gelled "Oklahoma Yellow" camera left, 4m back pointed 45* towards fence/camera at 1/16 triggered as optical slave. Second YN560ii at floor level gelled "Blue/Green" at 1/2 power, bounced onto black garage door 3m to camera right, behind fence.