Friday, 21 February 2014

Oscar (Stranger #30/100), London Chinatown

Via Flickr:
Having set up lights with Bomvu in Chinatown's grimmest, darkest alleyway, I wasn't 100% confident anyone would agree to follow me down it. Oscar was kind/brave/crazy enough to agree!

Out in Soho with his associate Massimo, he was pretty much the friendest chap you could hope to meet. I'd asked him over Massimo simply in the hope of catching his awesome hair against the full throttle backlight.

It was a great fun encounter, with some high quality banter offered by Massimo as we shot. Some suggestions were tabled as to what the shots might be used to advertise, which Oscar rose above as we shot.

Oscar - thanks for stopping. Hopefully you like your shots - email me for a copy! Rest easy - nothing is going to be advertised with them. Unless, Massimo, you want to make an offer for the high res images? : )

All in it was a superb encounter that reminded me again why I'm doing the 100 Strangers Project, and what I've missed in the couple of months since my last street session.

This is portrait #30 of my 100 Strangers Project - check out the group page and get involved.

Info for Strobist:

Key light is a Canon 600EX-RT in a 38" softbox 45* up and left of the camera, triggered at 1/32 power by RT from a non-firing Canon 600EX-RT on camera (purely for trigger/focus-assist). There's a YN-560ii 4m behind Oscar to the right, fired bare at 1/16 power through a 1/2 CTO and a Plus Green gel.

I think I overcooked the key light - a result of not adjusting power for skin type from my test shots on Colin.