Thursday, 27 February 2014

One Sided (Soho Noir Shoot With Estrany), London Soho

Via Flickr:
This is actually a test shot, taken whilst setting up lights on a shoot with Estrany for my Soho Noir series.

Whilst incomplete, the lighting is way bolder than I'd usually shoot - and I really like how the edgy light combines with Estrany's hard, almost murderous stare.

The processing is incomplete too - the full process, taking out her mole, etc. was just too porcelain to keep the edge. This version feels right to me, with the human imperfections retained, but so penetrating a stare and so intimate a frame it is amplified.

Estrany is great; she's on Purpleport, superb to work with and if you're in London you should give her a shout!

Hope everyone is having an incredible week!

Info for Strobist:

Canon 600EX-RT in 38" softbox camera left, at 1/64 power and around 1m from Estrany, slightly up. Triggered with RT from non-firing on camera Canon600EX-RT, used for focus assist only.