Sunday, 22 December 2013

Conversion Chart, Minolta SR-T Super

Via Flickr:
Trying my hand at product photography, shooting with the Hooded Accomplice, and borrowing a lot of his lighting equipment - plus a shooting table.

Product photography seems to be a real worm hole - when you can control every variable of light and geometry, it gives an almost overwhelming a range of possibilities.

I'd like to say that these shots were the result of deep thought about how those variables might be controlled to give some pre-visualised outcome. That would be a lie. In fact, this was the last shot of a session, in which we jokingly realised we hadn't shot the camera from the back. And it happened to broadly work at first attempt, so we tweaked a handful of things.

There's a red and a green version (both separate exposures), and it'd be interesting to know which you preferred - if you've made it through all the above text.

Have a great weekend in any case!

Info for Strobist:

2x Canon 600EX-RT fired by ST-E3-RT, 1x Skyblue Ringflash (catchlight cloned out of viewfinder) and 1x Yonghuo YN-560 both fired as optical optical slave. The Canon's were gelled - one deep red, beneath the semi-translucent shooting table, one CTO, snooted with a Rogue Flashbender, and fired against the backdrop. The YN-560 was camera left, 45 degrees up and 1m back with a diffuser. The ringflash was on camera, 1.5m from the subject. Power settings were; red gelled Canon at 1/8, snooted Canon at 1/16, YN-650 at 1/16, ringflash at 1/32. The green/blue light is from a single LED shone manually through the lens with an ND gel and a colour gel, during the 8 second exposure. Black velvet was piled just out of shot camera left to prevent the red reflecting onto the camera's back.