Monday, 16 December 2013

Vector (Katherine Velours), Shrub Hill Common

Via Flickr:
Another quick posting from one of the summer's shoot with h Katherine Velours. Katherine is awesome - check out her portfolio on Purpleport.

There are still heaps of photos I intend to post from our session. This one stood out as overlooked with the end of summer's day glow filtering through the canopy. We could do with a little more light like that this week!

I've been trying out new to processing techniques for portraiture. There's not a tonne done here, but they're new approaches, so any feedback would be appreciated. So I didn't realise you could inverse the effects of everything by hitting Ctrl+I - so the high pass filter becomes a blur, and Gaussian blur becomes a sharpening filter. There's a hint of that in a new layer, brushed in manually on the midtones of her skin which were a little noisy due to my underexposing to keep the bright canopy in check.

Hope everyone is having a superb end to the weekend!