Sunday, 1 December 2013

Purple Reign (Lightning Storm Over Bohinj Jezero), Triglav National Park

Via Flickr:
This was my last shot from my Bohinj storm series, as the storm dropped from the mountains onto the far (Ukanc) end of the lake. You can see the rain in the shadows - it was already getting intense. Stood under a tree by the side of the lake in a lightning storm, I decided that retreat was probably the wisest move. Like all survivors, I'm obviously still left wondering if I should instead have shot on. The two distant forks of lightning in this shot were nothing compared to what followed as I raced back to the village through raking walls of rain, buffeted by thunder.

Then again, I am at least here to tell the tale.

The colour is entirely as shot, per my earlier light painting as the storm closed in (see link in comments).

I did Photoshop out the little island I had been light painting on earlier - without a feature on it, it looked distracting and flat. For the rest if the shot, it would have been easy enough to pump the vibrance and contrast, but I've tried to keep it natural and "as shot". With everything boosted it undermined the surprising colour of the storm.

We're back here in April to shoot some more. Might still be some snow around then.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend - catching up through the day.