Sunday, 17 April 2011

10,000 Mistakes (Cherry Blossom & Streetlamp), Rickmansworth

In comments a couple of days back Wesbs was kind enough to suggest that I had a knack for "mucking about". Which is what I was doing this evening, leading to this shot, which I'm quite happy with and is somewhat in the style of the great man himself. There are a lot of people on Flickr who have inspired new ideas and approaches, and I thought I'd mention them more in future postings, so this seemed a good place to start. Wesbs already has an outrageous following, deservedly so, and you're far more likely to know him than me! Yet if you don't know his work already, I would hugely recommend it. He's also a thoughtful chap always ready with insight and generous commentary.

As for the mucking about in this shot, the comments show shots along the way to this one. I've been trying to challenge myself a little more in terms of lighting. I found an interesting result spraying water between a streetlight and cherry blossom, noted below. This one was backlit with the streetlamp, with a LED torch through white cloth onto the blossom from below.

In this case I sprayed mist behind the blossom for half of the ten second exposure, giving a neat middle ground. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!