Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lightning Storm With Reflection, Grand Teton

This shot was taken from the eye of a lightning storm on a late August afternoon in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park. We had started a walk around Two Ocean lake to the north of the spot, when growing wind and the ill omen of a writhing snake's nest, convinced us to turn around. It proved a wise decision, with wind rising to a gale, rain turning to hail and lightning bursting from the sky.

On the drive back to the National Park HQ, we into what appeared to be an eye. Pulling up at the river bank, lightning was still flashing to the north, west and south-east.

Free from the wind and rain I got as many photos as possible away. Without tripod and with difficult light in a brief pause I didn't acquit myself as well as the opportunity deserved, but do like this dark image with the lightning reflected in the grey river. It's my first lightning capture and hopefully a picture worth sharing.