Friday, 15 April 2011

Painting By Numbers (Vintage Car Reflections), Rome

Neat reflection in a vintage Fiat's trunk/boot spotted on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Rome. I took about fifteen shots of this scene as people wandered by, winning myself some queer looks in the process. Reviewing them with a critical eye, it's amazing how much goes wrong in terms of composition when you're just shooting at wandering strangers. Lesson - next time take thirty!

The harsh sunlight stopped down by the black gloss paint created some cool colours and an almost watercolour like effect which I really like. Well worth suffering the patina of age (visible in this shot all across the sky) for the colour. I was probably a little wide on the aperture with hindsight; the Fiat 1100 might have been nicer if it were as sharp as the number/license plate. Oh well! Live/learn.