Sunday, 24 April 2011

Being In The Universe (Witch Light Painting), Dorset

All in camera, single (1208 second) exposure light painting using flashlight/LED torch to draw the lines and create the flare. A little processing on the hem of her skirt to tidy things up, as her legs were slightly too high. The gorse flowers are brought in with three zaps of a Metz AF-48 at (probably slight too) close range. I got a little lucky with the flare, positioning itself just in her gaze.

I've not had as much time recently for light painting, as the plans I have sketched are pretty ambitious and each exposure (a.k.a. roll of the dice) is a twenty minute affair. Since I don't have time/patience for a 365, I thought I'd do a series of light paintings using a witch and AD&D spells as inspiration - drawing a spell name from a hat, then trying to a light painting of the witch casting it.

This was a set of sighting shots to get the witch character sketched, but I really liked the flare and star trails, so I thought I'd post it as a starter to the series.

The witch is wandering on the hill to the west of Corfe Castle. I've got some pictures facing the other way too, for posting at a later date, with the castle. Thanks to everyone who looked at and commented on my last picture - as noted in that one, I've been away, and am catching up with everyone now!