Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Grazing Horse & Ruins, Capadocia Turkey [Lightroom 3 - Redux]

This is a re-working of a previously posted cellphone image;

As noted in that posting, I am somewhat reticent in posting cellphone pictures. The only thing which makes me queasier is the posting of heavily processed images, like this one! However, as noted elsewhere, I'm really enjoying experiments with Lightroom 3 and I thought I'd share this one with a link to the original for people who were interested in what the software can do "out of the box" and without any real experience in control of it.

Post-edit the nasty cellphone artifacts are still very much in evidence across the border with the sky, but the noise reduction has, I think, done a decent job on the rock and grass. Adding a filter and juicing up the sky has, however, created a fair amount of its own noise. A subtler tweak in that regard wasn't so grainy, but this one was more fun.

Still I hope it's of interest to people considering LR3. This edit took perhaps just five minutes and was done within an hour of installing the software.

See Grazing Horse & Ruins, Capadocia Turkey on Flickr for additional notes and comments.